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simple.h File Reference

Detailed Description

A simple but limited synchronous playback and recording API. This is a synchronous, simplified wrapper around the standard asynchronous API.

Definition in file simple.h.

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pulse/sample.h>
#include <pulse/channelmap.h>
#include <pulse/def.h>
#include <pulse/cdecl.h>

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typedef struct pa_simple pa_simple


int pa_simple_drain (pa_simple *s, int *error)
int pa_simple_flush (pa_simple *s, int *error)
void pa_simple_free (pa_simple *s)
pa_usec_t pa_simple_get_latency (pa_simple *s, int *error)
pa_simplepa_simple_new (const char *server, const char *name, pa_stream_direction_t dir, const char *dev, const char *stream_name, const pa_sample_spec *ss, const pa_channel_map *map, const pa_buffer_attr *attr, int *error)
int pa_simple_read (pa_simple *s, void *data, size_t bytes, int *error)
int pa_simple_write (pa_simple *s, const void *data, size_t bytes, int *error)

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