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int pa_stream_write ( pa_stream p,
const void *  data,
size_t  bytes,
pa_free_cb_t  free_cb,
int64_t  offset,
pa_seek_mode_t  seek 

Write some data to the server (for playback sinks), if free_cb is non-NULL this routine is called when all data has been written out and an internal reference to the specified data is kept, the data is not copied. If NULL, the data is copied into an internal buffer. The client my freely seek around in the output buffer. For most applications passing 0 and PA_SEEK_RELATIVE as arguments for offset and seek should be useful.

p  The stream to use
data  The data to write
bytes  The length of the data to write in bytes
free_cb  A cleanup routine for the data or NULL to request an internal copy
offset  Offset for seeking, must be 0 for upload streams
seek  Seek mode, must be PA_SEEK_RELATIVE for upload streams

Referenced by pa_simple_write().

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