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pa_timing_info Struct Reference

#include <def.h>

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Detailed Description

A structure for all kinds of timing information of a stream. See pa_stream_update_timing_info() and pa_stream_get_timing_info(). The total output latency a sample that is written with pa_stream_write() takes to be played may be estimated by sink_usec+buffer_usec+transport_usec. (where buffer_usec is defined as pa_bytes_to_usec(write_index-read_index)) The output buffer which buffer_usec relates to may be manipulated freely (with pa_stream_write()'s seek argument, pa_stream_flush() and friends), the buffers sink_usec and source_usec relate to are first-in first-out (FIFO) buffers which cannot be flushed or manipulated in any way. The total input latency a sample that is recorded takes to be delivered to the application is: source_usec+buffer_usec+transport_usec-sink_usec. (Take care of sign issues!) When connected to a monitor source sink_usec contains the latency of the owning sink. The two latency estimations described here are implemented in pa_stream_get_latency().

Definition at line 301 of file def.h.

Public Attributes

int playing
int64_t read_index
int read_index_corrupt
pa_usec_t sink_usec
pa_usec_t source_usec
int synchronized_clocks
struct timeval timestamp
pa_usec_t transport_usec
int64_t write_index
int write_index_corrupt

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