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thread-mainloop.h File Reference

Detailed Description

A thread based event loop implementation based on pa_mainloop. The event loop is run in a helper thread in the background. A few synchronization primitives are available to access the objects attached to the event loop safely.

Definition in file thread-mainloop.h.

#include <pulse/mainloop-api.h>
#include <pulse/cdecl.h>

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typedef struct pa_threaded_mainloop pa_threaded_mainloop


void pa_threaded_mainloop_accept (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_free (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
pa_mainloop_apipa_threaded_mainloop_get_api (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
int pa_threaded_mainloop_get_retval (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
int pa_threaded_mainloop_in_thread (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_lock (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
pa_threaded_mainlooppa_threaded_mainloop_new (void)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_signal (pa_threaded_mainloop *m, int wait_for_accept)
int pa_threaded_mainloop_start (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_stop (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_unlock (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)
void pa_threaded_mainloop_wait (pa_threaded_mainloop *m)

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