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mainloop-signal.h File Reference

Detailed Description

UNIX signal support for main loops. In contrast to other main loop event sources such as timer and IO events, UNIX signal support requires modification of the global process environment. Due to this the generic main loop abstraction layer as defined in mainloop-api.h doesn't have direct support for UNIX signals. However, you may hook signal support into an abstract main loop via the routines defined herein.

Definition in file mainloop-signal.h.

#include <pulse/mainloop-api.h>
#include <pulse/cdecl.h>

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typedef void(* pa_signal_cb_t )(pa_mainloop_api *api, pa_signal_event *e, int sig, void *userdata)
typedef void(* pa_signal_destroy_cb_t )(pa_mainloop_api *api, pa_signal_event *e, void *userdata)
typedef struct pa_signal_event pa_signal_event


void pa_signal_done (void)
void pa_signal_free (pa_signal_event *e)
int pa_signal_init (pa_mainloop_api *api)
pa_signal_eventpa_signal_new (int sig, pa_signal_cb_t callback, void *userdata)
void pa_signal_set_destroy (pa_signal_event *e, pa_signal_destroy_cb_t callback)

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