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mainloop.h File Reference

#include <pulse/mainloop-api.h>
#include <pulse/cdecl.h>
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typedef struct pa_mainloop pa_mainloop
typedef int(* pa_poll_func )(struct pollfd *ufds, unsigned long nfds, int timeout, void *userdata)


int pa_mainloop_dispatch (pa_mainloop *m)
void pa_mainloop_free (pa_mainloop *m)
pa_mainloop_apipa_mainloop_get_api (pa_mainloop *m)
int pa_mainloop_get_retval (pa_mainloop *m)
int pa_mainloop_iterate (pa_mainloop *m, int block, int *retval)
pa_mainlooppa_mainloop_new (void)
int pa_mainloop_poll (pa_mainloop *m)
int pa_mainloop_prepare (pa_mainloop *m, int timeout)
void pa_mainloop_quit (pa_mainloop *m, int r)
int pa_mainloop_run (pa_mainloop *m, int *retval)
void pa_mainloop_set_poll_func (pa_mainloop *m, pa_poll_func poll_func, void *userdata)
void pa_mainloop_wakeup (pa_mainloop *m)

Detailed Description

A minimal main loop implementation based on the C library's poll() function. Using the routines defined herein you may create a simple main loop supporting the generic main loop abstraction layer as defined in mainloop-api.h. This implementation is thread safe as long as you access the main loop object from a single thread only.

See also Main Loop

Definition in file mainloop.h.

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